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Hey Mike the website is almost finished and is up and running.Shoyld be fully online this weekend. Greg
the vineyard I work for is interested in having you play at our wine down friday event.
Hey Mike, I really dug your playing at the Outta the Way Cafe this afternoon (May 9, 2009) ... great sounds my friend! Gary Garvin (The guy playing the Jazzmaster before you came up)!
its been awhile,Austin needs to see you play , he is into the guitar.... Love DB
Mike, my wife and I saw you last memorial day at Chadds Ford Winery and can't wait to see you again some day soon. hope you come back up to Pa this year.
Got to experience your show at Capital Ale House and looking forward to you bein there in 2009. Hard rockin' blues is my drug of choice! Good luck in Memphis in Febuary!
Success! The god loves you!
hey mike , sounds good man long time no see or hear parkland days hope all is well my father jr. cline went down hill but has many great songs written maybe you would be interested in listen to a few . he had a great band and talent as well he just cant do it anymore your sound is good brother . feel free to contact me if u want 301 675 9807.
WOW!!! My boyfriend and I came your show at Blue 5 Saturday night..YOU KICKED &%*!!!( He plays a little guitar and DREAMS of being half as good as you! lol) We first saw you at the Big Lick Blues Festival in Roanoke and were blown away then, bought your "Live at Vincents" CD and have become your BIGGEST FANS!!! We have made everyone we know listen to your talent!! Got a whole new fanbase here in Covington VA! Got your first cd Sat night, and found, of course, that it' stellar as well!! Enjoyed poking around your website,, and your son is adorable!!! Hope we get to make it to the IBC competition!
I have posted your event on my events page on We Offer A Powerful FREE Service For Musicians We will use our web promotion and marketing skills and get any musician or bands site up on the search engines for what ever search terms they desire FREE of charge.
When are you coming back to Vincents in West Chester, PA??
Mike just wanna say HAY hope things are going GOOD. later skater DB
Enjoyed your show and meeting you very much, with Mike Joy. Making everyone I know aware of your talent. Hope to see you @ September Blues Festival
Wow I saw you at the blues fest in brunswick on saturday. You really inspired me to continue on trying to play the guitar. I hope one day i can be half as good as you. Such a great sound i didn't know blues could feel and sound so good.
Hey Mike how's it been going? You still kickin out some great blues? I hope so. I was wondering if Waverley is still playing with you from time to time.Does he have a web site yet? I'm thinking of dropping him a line. Oh yea how's Pappa Funk doing? Do you have your son playing with you yet? Thanks and remember KEEP THE BLUES ALIVE. Greg
Saw you and the band Sunday at the Chaddsford Winery for the first time. You guys were great! Hope to see you again soon.
Hi! I'm new =)
Anita Westcott of Prince Frederick MD wants to meet you to get your family history. She has done geneology & wants to know what branch of the family your dad is from.
You tore it up at the Chaddsford Winery Blues Fest! Best version I've heard of "Born Under a Bad Sign"! Loved your Hendrix! Hope to see you on the 4th!
Great job last night at Vincent's! I didn't know you can hear BLUES away from Philly.
yoPzdb Hello! I'm Samuel Smith, i'm from Switqerland i and find your site really brilliant!
Hi Mike & Waverly, thanks for the outstanding performance yesterday night at Bangkok Blues. I am still drunk from the music. Keep me updated with your future performances, this should not been the last time I have seen you on stage. Rainer, the guy from Hamburg, Germany who is listening all morning to your CDs
OfU2Mj Hello! I'm Samuel Smith, i'm from Switqerland i and find your site really brilliant!
Hi,,i just wanna say hello to all.
I heard some of your songs from Laurie Saunders, a friend of mine who let me listen. I loved the blues you layed out. Man you got it. Thanks and keep on rockin...
The BEST Live Blues On The Planet....Love to hear B.O.B. agian in Old Town G'burg maybe , But I Will drive that Extra mile just to SEE & Hear you guys Again & Again. See ya Soon. KEEP IT REAL BLUES as Only YOU Can. Thanks for the Everlasting Memories....Floyd...
Hi, nice site, keep up the good work.
Hey guys!, Im the john from the blues on the green in sep/oct 2007
Hey Mike I had the chance to work with you guys in AshVille last year and had a blast doing your monitors. I have also worn one of your Blues on Board T's on a couple of my own gigs and had a great responce. Gonna show the love to any and all who ask. You guys kick ass.SMOKIN BLUES for sure.
Best of luck to ya on the new CD. Can't wait to get my copy. Keepin the blues real and alive... TC BUCK69
That Boy Can Play. Keep those Blues Alive Mike.
New CD Coming soon. It's Mike Westcott Live @ Vincent's with Glenn Ferracone and Paul Kilnefelter. It will be out in Jan 2008. Soon into 2008 the new Mike Westcott Studio CD will be in the works. The Blues On Board train will be bording by the 2008 Summer. Stay Tuned for details.
Well Hears to Mike, Dave and Gene!! You are awesome folks!! Because of your music our JDRF Benefit was a memorable day for everyone who participated!! Due to your easy going style and your ability to blend with our announcements and then knock us out with your wonderful music I bow to all of you. And I am not the only one who enjoyed working with you, everyone was so happy to have you there. So far we have raised close to $10,000.00 for the Juvenile Diabetes Research foundation. And because of your music it was so enjoyable. A thousand thank-yous!! Carl Thomas 4th District Virginia Moose Riders
Your Music is AWESOME!! Blues in Rockville is my new favorite song. Can't wait to see y'all live.
Hey Mike - looking forward to meeting you and can't wait to have your band play at our 3rd Annual Juvenile Diabtes benefit. Carl 4th District Virginia Moose Riders -
Mike you are truly one of the hottest guitar players around town! Love having you and your band at JVS!
Hey guys I had a blast working with you in Asheville.Keep rockin and I hope to work with you again.
I was the FOH engineer at Bele Chere and owner of the sound company. You were by far the best act we did that weekend. I also wen to hang out at the Kenny Wayne Shepard show that evening. He did Vodoo Child as his closing song and you pretty much ate his lunch. Hope to run into you guys again. And by the way tell your bass player he was wrong, the intro straight up rocked.
We agree with Randy. You absolutely tore it up at Bele Chere. KWS just wasn't the same. Keep that fire inside of you because it comes out in your music. And...having Waverly perform with you made it even better. What a treat. He gave your already awe-inspiring songs an even deeper blues feel. I had goosebumps almost the entire time listening to your set. Thanks for keeping the blues alive!!!
Saw y'all at Bele Chere. What a treat! You were awesome! Ruined Kenny Wayne Shepard for us though. So actually, thanks for that.
Hey Mike this is Butch murray i spoke with you about my studio. why don,t you give me a call my home phone 301-864-7324 my cell 240-413-1026 give me a call and check it out and we will go from there talk to you later Butch Murray
Hey, New to the site but; Gene, Vinny and I will get there eventually! Promise!!! Hugs~Deb
Trying to get a babysitter for Saturday. Hope to finally see you play!
Cute Drummer! Rock On! =^..^=
Brandywine PA is that at Longwood Gardens? You may want to try Naylor Winery in Shrewsbury. They have concerts and things there.
I know you will kick ass tonight at the State! Sure wish we could be there -- hope to see you soon.
Have fun at the State Theater.
WHat was up with that!!!!!??? Man, you were so robbed dude. I have officially decided to not give those B'ss over there at GC any future business. IdIOTS!
We stood in shock last night when your name was not called. You are one of the best we have ever seen. We thought for sure after watching you would go all the way. All I can say is shame on those judges.
guitat center sucks you had that one in teh bag - one of the best I have ever heard. you rock dude
I was at your competition last night man, and you were so ROBBED! I know blues, and you had the skills and the presence-man, you had everything going on. The other guys weren't even close. I can't imagine what the judges must have been smokin, but it was no good. Of course, you don't need a stupid KOTB competition-you are much better than that. I look forward to coming out to one of your shows soon. Your newest fan!
Love ya' Mike, Janie, Vaughan, Bonham...and Autobahn -twb
I heard Hendricks and I heard Blues on Board.Two Of the best.You are giving old lady blues a pretty face.Keep going.I can't wait to hear what comes next.
Hi Best site in web! Bye
Great show at the Garlic Fest on Friday. Better jams at Alligator Alley. Great to meet Tom. Photos in the works. Time to start planning for your next whirlwind tour of Florida!
Fisrt time I saw you all, at the Garlic fest last night. Very Impressed. Guitar playing was real tight. Hope to see ya soon again. Congrads on the new born. May God Bless both children. Thanks for keeping the blues alive man.
For Gene - you remember me? I sent an email to Mike to pass on to you before coming around to the guestbook - my apologies. Glad to see you have never left the bass. I'm certain you are the guy I knew 25 years ago in Japan. Keep on rockin' Lee Arnold
I caught Mike W. & BOB at Rum Boogie Cafe in Memphis last weekend and they were awesome! I just missed getting Mike's autograph! Great sound, great band!
hope you and that chili dose well at ibc.
Hey Tom! JohnDC (from Train of Thought, etc). Just saw you on Channel 10! Keep on rockin' and check out on of my gigs sometime if you are in town.
Hi guys you have intersting site A loy of thanks.
hi guys my cousin ann gave me your web site. great music. ( i am gene's second cousin ) keep up the great music. patty
Good music for our souls! Keep it grooving, you long lost brother! Martin Weskott from Germany
Metallica Forever!!!!! !!!!!
come on down to raleighwood
i saw you guys at the festival of leaves in front royal. YOU KICKED ASS!! you were 10 times better than the other band they had.
When's that new C D gonna be released ? I hope you guys play at Journeys again. (I liked that place)
Hey Mike, I really enjoyed your set with Waverly and Damian at Westside Cafe on Saturday. To me, that's the heart of the blues, a couple of guys just sitting around swapping songs (OK, well in my mind you're sitting on a dusty porch in the Delta with a couple of hound dogs, but close enough). It was also nice chatting with you guys after. Hopefully I'll be able to check out your band at JV next month. Ciao, Lisa
I love the blues and you are terrific! I understand you will be in Front Royal for the Festival of the Leaves and I plan to go to it. I am a friend of your brother Jim and it will be good to see were a youth when I was seeing Jim. Looking forward to hearing you then.......
Mike, Raised in Rockville and moved to Cocoa Beach, FL in '99. I have planned a trip to DC with my boyfriend, and am looking forward to seeing your band at JV Restaurant. My boyfriend/roommate, Mike Tolnay, plays bass for the Danny Morris Band, and will have a break from the road in August. We are both blues fans. I have spent hours, nights, looking for good live blues music during our short trip, and am looking forward to seeing your band.
blues baby......
It rocks... F
Ever heard of Buds on Broadway? Saskatoon Saskatchewan is the place that needs you!!!!! Love your style. Will want some CD's of yours, that's for sure!
Just a note to check out the latest issue of Blues Matters! for a BLUES ON BOARD CD Review feature!
Wassup???? Nice job, Mike! -g
Mike, Great new website! Looks like you guys are keeping busy throughout the year. Congratulations on the addition of Bolli on drums. He is a great drummer and one helluva nice guy! I will be out to see you guys soon! Jeff
Hi Mike Good changes to the website, alot of things going on, I see. I will be in contact very soon, say hello to Jane and all of you hope you all had a good Easter weekend Love Denni
Mike...You have a fabulous website - neat photos - easy access - was very easy to listen to clips of your music also. Wish you were closer to Texas - we have a Blues Fest every August!
Great job, your website looks fantastic! I'm hoping you'll head to California in 2006. Til then, its here and myspace.
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