New CD

New CD Coming mid January 2008. It is Mike Westcott Live @ Vincent's with Glenn Ferracone on Drums and Paul Klinefelter on Bass.

Mike Westcott and Blues On Board going to Memphis

That's Right, Mike Westcott and Blues On Board are going to Memphis for the Feb 2007 IBC (International Blues Challenge) Event in Memphis Tennessee. We were honored to be a part of the River City Blues Society's (RCBS) IBC Blues Battle Today in Richmond, VA. Not only was it a great event but there were 5 Awesome bands all competing for the chance to represent the RCBS. There also was a great duo group playing there today. All the bands kicked butt and we did not expect to win the event. We will be doing our best to represent the RCBS in Memphis next year and we appreciate the chance to do so. Thanks to winning the IBC Battle today we will also be playing the RCBS 4th annual Blues Bash in memory of Bobby Olive Sept 24th with some great bands. We want to thank all the people who put this Blues Battle together from the planners to the Judges to all the great musicians. An extra special thank you to Debra Coleman who to our surprise was one of the judges and also jammed for a few songs at the end of today's event. Debra is one of the Best Ladies singing the blues and playing blues guitar and if you have not caught her live show yet I suggest you do it ASAP, you will be glad you did. Don't forget to come out to one of the best venues in town this coming weekend Saturday, June 10th, 2006 Outta The Way Cafe 9:30 Derwood, MD Outta The Way Cafe 17503 Redland Rd Derwood, MD 20855 301-963-6895 And our Friday Night show has been canceled at Summit Station due to them shutting down for an owner change. Thanks and see you soon.

Mike's Custom V V T Amp

Well, The Custom V V T amp I had made for me got 11 hours of play time this weekend. All I can say about it's performance and tone is WOW! For those who want to know about the amp details here you go. It was made just for me by Vintage Vacuum Tubes out of Waldorf, MD. (Link located on the links page.) It is a 45 watt "Earthquake" Combo with a Tube/Spring Reverb tank put in it. All Tube All Hand Wired Point to Point. It has 2 celestion speakers. We selected a vintage 30 and a Lead 80 celestion. The combo of speakers makes it a dynamite combo amp with tons kick. The amp is sitting in a Vintage Marshall Bluesbreaker two twelve cabinet. It is Royal Green with Gold Trim and a Salt and Pepper Grill. It has an Auto/Fixed Bias switch, a Bright Switch, and a pedal controlled Mean to Clean switch. When this amp is on Clean it can still overdrive in a clean but dirty way, just the way you want it to. But when you put it on the Mean setting hold on to your dental fillings. In Mean mode the Tone Stack (Treble, Mid, Bass) is taken out of the signal path and it just kicks your ass with the perfect amount of Bass Treble and Mids. This amp is so loud that I didn't have to mic it at the Brandywine River Blues Festival. It is also very heavy and that's a good thing when you hear it you don't care how much it weighs. It is a gorgeous amp with gorgeous tone. Check It out yourself at our next gig. Mike

What a weekend

Wow, what a weekend. I put in 11 hours of guitar playing and singing from Frederick, MD, to Chesapeake Beach to Chadds Ford, PA. Tons of driving and tons of equipment being set up and broken down. Killer Weekend for sure. The people in Chadds Ford, PA at the Brandywine River Blues Fest were great. Real music fans and dancers, plus the free wine helped get people to stay loose and party. Great Weekend. Mike

New Signs

We have New Blues On Board Signs in. The Diamond shaped Blues On Board Logo with a Suction Cup to hang in your car or truck or anywhere. Come out to the gigs and buy one. All products will be on line for sale soon


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